Club activities

In addition to programs offered by Terra Nostra Guest Ranch, home and base of operations of the Chilcotinflyers, the Chilcotinflyers propose exciting adventures, possible by bush plane only:

  • Day trip for pilots to areas around the ranch, including remote mountain areas of the coast range
  • Bush Pilot Holidays – professionals show you the specialties of bush flying
  • Note: All activities include membership with the “Chilcotinflyers” until end of the current year.
  • Day trip

    One day hiking trip for pilots and their families into the Coast Mountains. Experience the remoteness of the prestine coastal mountain alpines, just 20 miles away from the ranch! We fly for an hour and land on a mountain lake at almost 6000ft. Thereafter we hike arounf the lake, lunch included. Return to the ranch in the later afternoon.

  • July 1st to about mid of September
  • One hour flying by seaplane
  • Duration 5 bis 6 Stunden
  • Lunchpaket
  • Membership with the Chilcotin Flyers until end of the year
  • Up to 2 persons per excursion
  • Bush pilot holidays

    Bush Pilot Holidays are an ideal combination for pilots, their non-piloting companions and family members. While mastering the skills of bush flying, enjoy the activities, scenery, wildlife and wilderness of the West Chilcotin and coast range

  • All flights are based on dual control, hours can be logged in the pilot’s personal log book
  • For pilots with, or without, seaplane endorsement
  • Pilots license validation at Transport Canada
  • Experienced bush pilots show you the various seaplane and bush flying techniques and behaviors
  • Pilots and non pilots will enjoy discussions on local geography, biology, history and culture.  
  • Click on the attached links for some helpful documentation: Seaplane Operation Handbook (FAA); Seaplane Passenger's guide (TC); Basics of seaplane flying
  • Note: All activities include membership with the “Chilcotinflyers” until end of the current year.