Specifications Zlin Savage Cub

The best companion for your next wild adventure!

The Savage Cub is the result of an intense re-engineering and restyling work of our R&D team.

In the years before it made its first appearance, we noticed how many of our customers were giving a rather heavy-duty use to our aircrafts, operating often from rough terrain, landing on mountain strips and so on. In fact, the Savage was proving to be already a very suited aircraft for “light” bush flying and adventure flying in general.

Receiving a lot of feedback from dealers and customers worldwide, as well from some very well known professional bush pilots from Alaska, we started filling a list of wished upgrades and reinforcements to convert the Savage into the best bush flying aircraft in the ULM category. An intense part of this job involved additional 4130 tubular reinforcements in some areas of the fuselage, as well as the design of a new set of super-robust landing gears and tail wheels.

We took the opportunity of all this changes for crafting a new version of the Savage, the Savage CUB, that has benefitted also from a nice restyling, as usual, to make it this time even more similar in the look to the aircraft that inspired us for a long time, the Piper SuperCUB. This time we wanted to take over the heritage that this aircraft, tuned for high demanding outback operations, has created in years of intense operations in Alaska and other countries, but interpreting it with modern technologies where applicable, and staying in the weight requirements of the ULM category (450kg MTOW), beside also the LSA category.

The Savage Cub got a new aluminum cowling, reshaped windows, fuselage, tail, wingtips, and reinforced flaps. The standard landing gear for this aircraft was already stronger than the most upgraded landing gear of our competitors, and we also introduced the 6” HD Extended landing gear for even more demanding operations. Together with that, we started delivering more and more often, a wide selection of original bushwheel tires from 26” to 31”, bush tailwheels with our redesigned new fork, reinforced tail leafs, pneumatic shock absorbers AOSS made in Alaska, and we converted the aircraft in a new reference point for the bush flying community.

Enjoying the freedom and the real adventure spirit of the bush flying, really started to generate more and more passion among the sport flying community. The Savage CUB has been there since the beginning, giving the perfect tool for many pilots jumping into the bush flying discipline for the first time, as well to seasoned operators and specialized flight schools.

Remember our philosophy : "runways are only an option for a Savage Cub Pilot...". With this aircraft you will access a new dimension of your passion, of the experiences you can live with this sport, of your life experience and of your personality. This by reaching places no other can reach, which is something pretty special by itself… Use the Savage CUB to go camping in the bush, not to travel from point A to point C. There are other aircrafts that can bring you quickly to point C, but very few can land in point B, and the real fun is exactly there. Land where others can’t, and have a look around at how beautiful the nature is

This is the Savage CUB!