Specifications Zlin Savage Cruiser

The Savage Cruiser has been our first intensive restyling effort carried on in 2005 on the Savage Classic. Restyling is in fact the good word for explaining it, as it all goes around that: new engine cowling and panel housing design, new bottom fuselage and tail shape, and new wing tips and aileron shape. Also the landing gear has been redesigned and got a very streamlined shape, with aerodynamic wheel covers. Side windows also went through the drawing board again.

All those design details have given, together with an array of wonderful paint schemes, a unique look and character to the Savage Cruiser, a very beloved aircraft with a classic, stylish and vintage feel to it.

In fact is not only about style and look, but the streamlined cowling has given that little extra aerodynamic qualities to the aircraft that allow for a better cruise speed over his other brothers, thus making the name “Cruiser” also very good fit to the aircraft.

Without any doubt, this is the aircraft for cruising with style and get noticed at airfields!