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December, 2018

Our hangar is nicely going along. Since the ZlinAero Shock Cub is a fabric airplane some weather protection is required. The hangar will accommodate airplanes with a wing span up to 38 ft.

November, 2018

On our way from ZlinAero/Czech Republic back to Switzerland we stopped in Salzburg/Austria to visit the Redbull-Hangar at Salzburg airport. The hangar accomodates a great selection of planes and race cars, mostly Formula 1. The hangar is worth wile to see and there is no admission fee.

September, 2018

Our infrastructure project/airstrip slowly is coming to an end. The burning wood piles to the left and right of the gravel strip are showing real runway lighting!

During summer, we almost moved 2'000 cubic metres of gravel in order to realise the 1'300 ft airstrip! We were lucky about the glacier that, thousands of years ago, has brought the gravel that close to the construction site. Thanks to everybody involved we were able to finish the main work, just some grading needs to be done next spring!

July, 2018

Ed and Alex drove down to Southern California in June to pick up 18'000 pounds of second world war landing matts that were used to build runways on soft grounds! It allowed us to properly finish our amphib ramp at the ranch.

During our 10-day road trip we drove with two trucks & trailes for more than 6'000 kilometres, each!

December, 2017

There was a lot going on at Terra Nostra! Next to the desastrous forest fires we cut down the trees of the approach sector, put high tension lines underground and established a new plattform for our campers!

Our camper platform has become pretty comfy: Next to water and power it is equipped with an new sewer system and ground based high speed internet! Quite a thrill for this location!

February 2017

The Chilcotinflyers are getting an airstrip! Coming summer we are building a new airstrip at Terra Nostra in order to operate our Zlinaero Shock Cub within the most beautiful region of the West Chilcotin!

February 7: Tons of snow is trapping all our equipment at our winterbase in Chilliwack, BC.

November 2016

>We are excited to get a new airplane! The Savage "Shock Cub" just needs 100 ft for landing & take off. Starting spring 2018 the first Shock Cub will be available at our base at Terra Nostra Guest Ranch for flights on dual controls! The Shock Cub is equipped with Alaska bush wheels!

The Chilcotinflyers and Travelair Aviation LTD are pleased to announce the exclusive dealership for Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, NWT) for all Zlin Aero products, including the Shock Cub.

July 2016

We are in process of getting our amphib ramp done. Its a lot of work to get our airplanes high and dry for parking!